IAG-IASPEI Joint Scientific Assembly

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Si segnala a tutti gli interessati la Joint Scientific Assembly dell' International Association of Geodesy (IAG) e dell'International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth’s Interior (IASPEI) che si terrà a Kobe, Giappone, dal 30 luglio al 4 agosto 2017.

Di particolare interesse  è il “Symposium S26 - Exploring connections between heat flow and tectonics” della IHFC (International Heat Flow Commission) , di cui si riporta l'abstract:

Understanding the role of terrestrial heat flow in molding tectonic processes in the interior of the Earth continue to be a major topic of interest in geosciences. The connecting links are multifaceted, spanning over such diverse topics as thermo-physical characteristics of subduction zones, brittle – ductile transsition in the lithosphere, consequences of magma emplacement in the crust and thermal mobilization of minerals. 
Accordingly, the focus of the symposium will be on concepts and case examples on the interactions between heat flow and tectonic activities on local, regional and global scales. Specifically, this session call for papers on models and measurements
describing terrestrial heat flux, characteristics of deep temperature profiles, consequences of magma emplacements at shallow depths, thermal mobilization of mineral resources and nature of interactions between subsurface temperature field and seismicity. Presentation and discussion of geothermal manifestations on local, regional and global scales are also
The session will address the following topics:
* Geothermal signals of tectonic activities on local and regional scales
* Results on studies of terrestrial heat flux and heat production in deep boreholes.
* Vertical variations in conductive and convective heat flow in regions of active tectonics
* Inferences on deep thermal conditions from results of geophysical surveys.
* Recent advances in thermal models of tectonic processes
* Model simulations of geothermal manifestations on local, regional and global scales
* Brittle – ductile transition in the crust and in the lower llithosphere
* Consequences of shallow and deep magma emplacement on near surface thermal fields
* Thermo-physical characteristics of subduction zones
* Nature of interactions between subsurface temperature field and seismicity
* Tectono-thermal mobilization of mineral resources.

Other contributions related to thermal aspects of tectonic processes are also invited.

Si avvisa, per chi fosse interessato, che sono previste riduzioni per le spese di viaggio (il termine per presentare la domanda è l'8 febbraio).

Per maggiori dettagli consultare l'indirizzo dell'evento